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Support our next Palestinian Narrative Training

Tarek and I attended FOSNA’s second Palestinian Narrative Training in Denver this weekend. See photos here! Having attended the first workshop in San Francisco back in March, I’m excited to see this program take root in other Palestinian communities throughout the United States. The next one will be in Houston!

FOSNA’s Palestinian Narrative Training program is an opportunity to cultivate our voices and strengthen our collective narrative. It is our collective narrative that threads us Palestinians together across place and time. Will you give the next Palestinian community the opportunity to host a narrative training?

As a people dispersed around the world, the Palestinian story extends across place. There is not one Palestinian story. Rather, we each carry some part of Palestine. I was reminded that this is what makes each of our individual stories inherently Palestinian no matter our distance from Palestine.

The Palestinian story also extends across generations. What continues to move me about these workshops is the intergenerational component. We have the generations born in Palestine and those born in the United States—and everyone in between—joining our workshops.

Zionists are wrong to believe that “the old will die, and the young will forget.” The old will live through the stories passed down to the young, who will preserve and revive these stories and lend them to our collective memory and struggle for liberation. Our Palestinian Narrative Training program is a testament to this!


Thank you for your continued support! 


Ramah Awad

Communications Coordinator

Friends of Sabeel North America




P.S. We partnered with Nadia Abuelezam, creator and producer of Palestinians Podcast, to lead this workshop. She inspires me and so many Palestinians to tell our stories. Check out Palestinians Podcast here!