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Stand in Conviction

What does it mean to stand in conviction, knowing that many will attempt to silence and discredit your message? While I was living in Palestine, I witnessed Israeli soldiers stopping a group of Palestinian men from marching in the village of Tuwani. Prevented from moving forward, the men stopped, knelt, and prayed. The scene was stunning: Men who appeared to be bowing to soldiers were instead bowing past them to God.

I looked upon them in awe of their commitment to their land, their protest, their faith. They set their gaze on their true purpose and lived by it regardless of the cost. I recognized the beauty of their resistance in the face of worldly violence, and I joined them in protest.  

As a queer Palestinian Christian, this I know is true: Jesus is multiple. Jesus is Black, Jesus is a woman, Jesus is undocumented, Jesus is poor. Jesus is vibrant in the same way this liberation movement is vibrant. That day, I felt the deep and enduring power of this vibrance as I joined these men in defying the boundaries of Israeli occupation.

I know that the depths of our faith in action will determine the arc of justice. It is our conviction that will transform the streets to our sacred spaces, just as these men made their arrest the site of prayer. And it is our conviction that will make churches the site of our protest, just as Jesus did when he defied an empire.

As we set our gaze on the liberation of Palestine, we are building a movement that reflects Jesus’ multiple and vibrant forms. The stakes are high and the struggle is long, but we are not deterred. It is our task to work with stubborn endurance to that end.

This Easter, will you give to our Sabeel movement? Please join us by making a donation. Your gift will go directly to Sabeel Jerusalem.

We are pushing BDS campaigns in denominations, congregations, and local cities. We are uplifting Palestinian voices through our Palestinian Narrative Training program. We are strengthening justice congregations through our HP-Free Church campaign. We are leading ethical pilgrimages to occupied Palestine.

Your unyielding commitment to Palestinian rights fuels the world with faithful conviction.

Thank you for giving this Easter!

With love and in solidarity,

Tarek Abuata


Executive Director

Friends of Sabeel North America