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Sabeel Clips

Sabeel's Mission

Sabeel's Mission  From Naim Ateek's Keynote Address at the Sabeel Conference held in Washington, D.C. in March, 2006.




Rev. Don Wagner

The Rev. Don Wagner delivered this homily at the conclusion of "Voices for Justice and Peace", a conference co-sponsored by FOSNA and Christ the King Church in Pleasant HIll, Calif. in March, 2014.

5 min

Gaza speaks

A Young Gazan Speaks  In the Spring of 2010 students at the University of California (Berkeley) debated divestment from two companies that support the occupation of Palestine. Among those who spoke was this young woman from Gaza, who wanted to know why it is that we cannot understand that "the one thing my family wants is the opportunity to live like a human being."  View the entire 10 minute video, "UCB Supporters of Divestment from Israel", at the Jewish Voice for Peace Youtube Channel.

1.20 min

Abuelaish Family Interview

Abuelaish Family Interview   A Palestinian doctor from Gaza and two of his surviving children try to answer the question: Why do you refuse to hate?

27 min.

Free Gaza

Free Gaza  This short film documents the landing in August, 2008, of the first international boat– thoroughly inspected and carrying aid– to land in Gaza since 1967, thereby breaking the Israeli seige and affirming Palestine's right to welcome internationals to their shores.  To learn about the latest developments in this ongoing non-violent effort, please visit

5:44 minutes

Spirit of Humanity

Spirit of Humanity  This video is the last footage taken onboard the Spirit Of Humanity before its voyage to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza was halted by Israeli special forces on June 30, 2009  It shows the atmosphere inside the cabin as the crew try to negotiate with the Israeli ship via radio.

8.44 minutes

Olive Tree Circus

Olive Tree Circus is a group of Palestinians and internationals, Christians and Jews, working together to bring theatre and song to kids in Palestine. A collaborative project sponsored by, this short film was posted to YouTube in November, 2008. Blind children experiencing the instruments with their hands, a circus member singing next to the fence separating him from armed settlers, this film gives a sense of what "beautiful resistence" can look like on the ground in Palestine.

8.33 minutes

Closed Zone Behind the Scenes

The Closed Zone: Behind the Scenes   Why would a human rights organization produce an animated film? Gisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement discusses the making of The Closed Zone, and calls on the State of Israel to fully open Gaza's crossings and allow 1.5 million human beings the freedom of movement necessary to live. Yoni Goodman, the film's animator, talks about how "the war [in Gaza] made this project a mission for me."
1.48 minutes

The Closed Zone

The Closed Zone  Yoni Goodman, director of animation for the Academy Award-nominated film, "Waltz with Bashir", has created a new animated short film on the closure of Gaza together with the Israeli human rights group Gisha.

1:34 minutes

Israel-Palestine: A Land in Fragments

Israel-Palestine: A Land in Fragments (2009)  Produced by the American Friends Service Committee, this short video graphically describes the "facts on the ground" that impede the creation of a continguous and viable Palestinian state. For more information on AFSC's work for peace in the Middle East, visit
2 minutes

Bill Moyers on Gaza

Bill Moyers on Gaza: "Brute force can turn self defense into state terrorism…spilling the blood that turns the wheel of retribution." (January 9, 2009).

8 minutes

Archibishop Desmond Tutu

Palestine and Apartheid  Keynote Address by Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the Boston Friends of Sabeel Conference in October, 2007.

50 minutes

Crossroads at Lod

An amazing story of Forgiveness: He once entered the town of Lod as an Israeli soldier fighting with Zionist zeal. Years later Josef Ben-Eliezer returned with a different mission.

12 minutes