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Letter of Introduction from our new Executive Director Jonathan Kuttab

Dear Friends of Sabeel,

I am pleased to introduce myself to all of you as the new Executive Director of FOSNA.  Many of you already know me as one of the founders of Sabeel, Jerusalem, and as a human rights attorney and long-time advocate for a Just Peace in Israel/Palestine.  Some of you may have read my book, Beyond the Two State Solution, which can be ordered, or downloaded for free at, where I called for a new conversation on the political situation in Israel/Palestine and outlined one vision for a just solution that addresses the basic needs of all parties in the Holy Land. 

I am writing today to assure you that I want to build on the great work FOSNA and its staff have already established, particularly in the area of intersectionality, US activism, and fighting the false claims of Christian Zionism, as well as our allies in the Moslem and Jewish communities.  

I am also very much committed to the work of Sabeel in Jerusalem and the Galilee, and in promoting the message of Palestinian Liberation Theology here in the United States.  The Good News that Jesus preached continues to be relevant to people today in that tortured corner of the globe and promises a Kingdom of God that has room for all, where Justice and peace prevail. It stands in stark contrast to theologies based on domination, racial superiority, militarism, and divinely ordained privileged oppression leading finally to a catastrophic Armageddon of untold destruction and suffering.  

I also hope to revitalize the work of FOSNA chapters, after this Covid nightmare and begin to plan some regional conferences to inform and energize our supporters, even as we seek to make new inroads among constituencies we had not sufficiently addressed in the past, including Latino churches, Greek Orthodox churches, and our own evangelical Brothers and Sisters.  Please feel free to contact me and be generous with your advice and thoughts on how we can together make FOSNA greater and more effective.  


God Bless you

Jonathan Kuttab

Executive Director

Jonathan Kuttab