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Justice in Palestine: Featured Artists

Georges Lammam - Arabic Violin and Vocals

Georges was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He lived for 14 years in the United Arab Emirates and is well-known in the Middle East as well as the U.S. as a solo violinist excelling in improvisation and lyricism. His repertoire spans a wide range of Arabic music, from classical to contemporary popular songs. In addition, Mr. Lammam has a warm vocal style much in demand by Arab audiences. He is on the faculty of the Near East Music and Dance Camp in Mendocino. Georges' facebook page. 
Gabriel Navia - Guitarist 
Gabriel was born into a musical family in Bolivia. Fusing flamenco, Cuban, Brazilian and Bolivian music to jazz, pop, rock, electronica and contemporary music, he has performed on many stages around the world in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Gabriel has participated and conducted workshops, lectures and clinics in the U.S. and Latin America since 2003 at educational institutions including Waldorf Schools in California, The Glass House of Stourbridge, West Midlands England, Instituto Eduardo Laredo and the Conservatorio Milan of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Gabriel's facebook page. 

Lorene Zarou-Zouzounis - Poet/Writer/Activist 

Lorene, a Palestinian-American poet, writer, and human rights and peace activist, was born in Ramallah, Palestine. At age 5 Lorene, along with her family immigrated to the U.S., first settling in downtown Detroit, Michigan.
Lorene published a poetry book titled Inquire Within in 1987, and writes poetry, prose, historical fiction children’s books, and adult historical fiction/memoirs.  Lorene’s poems are published in nine anthologies--including The Poetry of Arab Women-A Contemporary Anthology, The Space Between our Footsteps-Art & Poetry from the Middle East, War After War-City Lights Review #5, Food for our Grandmothers, and Heartfire-Second Revolutionary Poets Brigade Anthology.
Sara Friedlander - Mixed Media Artist 
Featuring her piece: Stonewalled in Jerusalem

Sara Friedlander was a therapist for 30 years and transitioned into a full-time artist twenty years ago. She works in mixed media, combining photography with painting and most recently with sculpture. Her project, "Stonewalled in Jerusalem" emerged from a visit in 2011 to Israel, where she was struck by the history of trauma on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is embedded in the stone wall of The Old City and continues to haunt the present. Fearing that this shared grief isn't being discussed freely and that the shared pain isn't being expressed with compassion, she created an interactive installation to catalyze conversation and promote empathy. In the last 4 years her piece has been seen by thousands and their notes and prayers have helped to forge a more constructive dialogue. 
MoveSpeakSpin Dance Troup

Performing dances from Mosaic: Dances on Peace, Justice, Culture, and Conflict in Palestine, Israel, and the Mideast 

Mosaic is a concert by Santa Cruz based MoveSpeakSpin and choreographer Karl Schaffer about peace, justice, culture, and conflict in the Middle East. Several short dances from Mosaic: The Mourning After, Bombingham and Prisoner will be performed at the conference. The dance company co-directed by Schaffer has toured internationally for over 25 years and has received numerous grants from the NEA and other institutions for dance and choreography. Soloist Maria Basile was a nominee for the Isadora Duncan Award for best dance performance in the Bay Area. Additional performers include Jane Real, Frankie Rivera, and Lila Salhov. Background: