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Voices of Jerusalem

Taking and holding a position on religious freedom is at the heart of moral action, and key to the future of Jerusalem. Friends of Sabeel North America has signed the Interfaith Statement of Concern over Jerusalem. FOSNA also supports the statement by the heads of Churches in Jerusalem

As Muslims, Christians, and Jews, we stand together against the Israeli policies that have brought Jerusalem to the brink. Join us in telling Secretary of State John Kerry that peace will only come to a Jerusalem where all people are free and equal.  

Sign the interfaith petition to John Kerry, now!

To deepen your understanding of key struggles in Jerusalem, consider the following links: 

About Silwan: 

Al Jazeera article referencing Israeli government plans for the "Judaization" of Silwan. 

Electronic Intifada article detailing the targeting of Silwan's children.  

Al- Jazeera explores how Silwan is being erased as was the former suburb of Jerusalem, Lifta.


About Aqsa Mosque/ Dome of the Rock: 

Read the Interfaith Statement of Concern for the recent violence signed by FOSNA and our partners.

Read what the Heads of Jerusalem churches are saying about the current situation. 

Timeline of recent events from the Guardian. 

What about the religious significance of Jerusalem?