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Flyers, Posters, and Printouts

Let Gaza Live!

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What are Sabeel and FOSNA?

BDS Insert for Informational Handout

BDS Posters

Boycott Sodastream Information Sheet

Palestine map cards


Talking Points

Anti- BDS Legislation


G4S Materials

Postcard to Bank of America CEO: Drop G4S!

Postcard to Bank of America from Concerned Customers

Letter to Bank of America CEO

G4S Pamphlet

G4S Factsheet

G4S Handout


Gaza Specific Materials

Toolkit for Approaching Churches Regarding Gaza

FOSNA Gaza Poster_1  
FOSNA Gaza Poster_2

Remembering Gaza's Children by Name

One-page-per-child Names of the Dead for Public Action

Sample Press to Send Before Gaza Action 
Sample Press Release to Send After Gaza Action

Visual Documentation on the one sided violence in Gaza. Credit: if Americans Knew


FOSNA has compiled this tool kit for your local actions with the following resources:

Sample before and after press release statements for your local media
It is helpful to get quotes from organizers and participants ahead of time for your follow-up press release. That way you can hand hard-copies directly to the press at your action as well as emailing them.

18 x 24 inch posters for printing for your action:
Use the attachment below.  These posters can be printed inexpensively in black and white. You can glue or tape them to poster board or cardboard, and attach a stick with duct tape to carry it with one hand.  

Need ideas for actions?  See below for one example or contact us!

Memorialize Gaza's Children, killed in Operation Defensive Edge, July 2014

  • Ask your church to lead a prayer and read the names
  • Write the names on small pink hearts and either pin to people's shirts and/or string the together and have the string displayed at your church or other community location.
  • Stage a die in with the large print names safety pinned to people shirt's
  • String a clothesline in a park or other public place and use clothespins to hang the large print names for public display.  

Download Posters with Names of Children killed, July 8-August 4, 2014
Download List of Names of Children killed, July 8-August 4, 2014