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Counter CUFI Nonviolent Action Guidelines- Nonviolence Agreement

  1. Our attitude will be one of respect toward all whom we encounter, regardless of their attitudes or actions.

  2. We will not be violent, abusive or insulting.

  3. We will not damage property.

  4. We will not use threatening or inflammatory language or motions.  

  5. We will carry no weapons.

  6. We will be of clear mind. We will not bring or use any drugs, including alcohol, other than with prescription and for medical purposes.

  7. We will respect the different relationships and histories people have with religion. While this action will use religious expressions, we honor the various perspectives held by those at the action. 

  8. We will not accept any language, symbols, or actions that are antisemitic, anti-Muslim, or bigoted in any way.  

  9. We will listen to and follow the ninstructions of our identified leaders. 

Additional Points:

  1. We don't expect you necessarily to agree philosophically with all these points, but we do expect you to follow them during this action. If you feel you can't, please respect the effort spent planning the action by leaving, and doing your own thing at another time.   

  2. If anyone violates these guidelines during the action, you may talk with them yourself if you are comfortable to do that, if they persist please alert a member of the de-escalation team. 

  3. If you feel unsafe to continue, or find yourself in conflict with the organizers over the interpretation of these guidelines, please remove yourself from the action and discuss the differences later.


How to Prepare for a Direct Action


Take care of yourself physically:

  • Bring plenty of water with you and hydrate before hand!
  • Bring a mini handheld fan (DC gets HOT in the summer)
  • Wear comfortable shoes and lightweight clothes 
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest before the action
  • Bring some small snacks and any medications that you’d need for the day

Take care of yourself mentally and emotionally:

  • Reflect on why you’re participating. Why is this action important to you? 
  • Talk to a trusted friend and let them know what you’re doing. Ask if you can check in with them after the action
  • Review FOSNA’s above nonviolence agreement


  • Be flexible and willing to change plans as the day goes on. The best actions are both structured and organic!
  • Give yourself the freedom to act in the moment while following the agreements of the group! You might find yourself willing to take more risks than you anticipated and that’s okay! We’re acting boldly together. 
  • Check in with yourself regularly. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, eating food, and being aware of how you feel.
  • Check in with those around you regularly. We’re a community taking action together. Ask people how they’re doing and if they need anything. 


  • Check in with your trusted friend and let them know that you’re okay and that the action is over. 
  • Reflect on the action. What was invigorating and inspiring? What was challenging? What were meaningful moments for you?  
  • Think about your next steps. Now that the action is over, what’s next for you? Can you do a report back to a group, write something online about it, or plan a meet up with participants from your region? The action is just the beginning!