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Stop US Support for Israeli Occupation of Palestine

FOSNA in Florida: no more killing in Gaza.

Be A Moral Voice in Your Community: 

As witnesses to Israel's periodic offensives on Gaza and exponential encroachment in the West Bank, we must insist that our leaders stop supporting violence. That includes our religious leadership. 

Here are talking points to help you approach your church and insist on hearing a moral voice during Sunday services, on billboards, in the news, and through divestment: 
  • Ask to read the names Gaza's dead in prayer on Sunday. Their lives cannot be forgotten with a ceasefire. 
  • Ask your church to endorse divestment from Israel. Your local church can forward your request to its national leadership. 
  • Organize a vigil for peace. Ask your church to host a vigil, or advertise one. 
  • Ask your church to post a message on their outdoor bulletin endorsing divestment from Israeli occupation of Palestine, or comdemning practices like child detention. 
  • Start a study group to address Zionism using FOSNA's study guides
FOSNA has joined other organizations in endorsing the "Stop the Blank Check" campaign
This is a project to demonstrate the widespread opposition to sending our tax money to Israeli military aggression. 
Click here to join the campaign. 
Here is a template for you to email or call your elected representatives: 

Dear <Senator or Representative X>,

Americans have come out in droves to protest continued support for Israel's aggression on the Palestinian people. Israel's ongoing settler presence in the West Bank and the siege of Gaza continue to be illegal under international law. US law demands that no military aid be granted to a government that uses its weapons against civialians, and collective punishment is always a war crime. As a taxpayer and as a voter, I object to US dollars being used to fund such an unlawful enterprise as the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Please stop breaking our own laws by funding Israel's war crimes. 

Finding your representatives: 


Here are tips for communicating with staffers: 

Your relationship with a Congressional office is an enduring one, so be sure to follow up and keep calling. You are developing a dialogue with this office, and you are their educator on this topic. Remember, the person answering the phone is probably a college intern with lots of learning to do. You are reaching out to them as much as your representative. 

Make your requests polite and specific. Ask the person who answers if you can leave a comment. Remember that the aide does not make policy but takes messages and reiterates what they are told to say.

After identifying yourself and asking to leave a comment, politely say: 

1) As a taxpayer, I object to any U.S. aid to Israel until Israel ends its violations of human rights and international law. 

2) As a taxpayer, I object to Israel’s abuse of human rights while receiving billions of dollars in US foreign aid. 

3) As a taxpayer, I would prefer to spend federal dollars in the US rather than on Israel’s occupation of Palestine. 

4) My state sends <x dollars> to Israel each year. Those dollars support illegal settlements and apartheid. I object. 

You can find out how much your state sends each year in federal dollars to Israel here.  Move the cursor over your state to find the ten-year amount, then move the decimal point one place to the left to find the one-year amount. 

5) If you have a more specific case or issue in mind, like Wadi Foquin or Gaza, be sure to have some facts about the situation in front of you to share. 

Click here for other ways to have your voice heard:

Did you know you can also Tweet most senators and representatives? Sign up for Twitter at

Then search for your Congressional representative and your Senators, and Tweet messages to them, such as:

@SenPatRoberts Kansas sends $24 million/year to abet the illegal occupation of Palestine. Why? #bds

Host/Join A Local Day of Action:

Find an action near you! or find resources for your own action available here.

Engaging in civil disobedience?  Palestine Solidarity Legal Support is on call to help.

Post your photos, videos, and reports from actions here:

As you act today and in the days ahead, think how you can begin or expand a campaign in your community to boycott and/or divest from corporations profiting from and/or complicit in Israel's war and occupation. For example, consider publicly boycotting Sabra and Sodastream products in-stores.

Many US corporations are directly involved in the recent assualt, including Caterpillar, Boeing, HP, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, GE, and Rayhteon. Please check to determine whether your school, church, work place, and other community institutions may be investing in them. 

Names of the deceased on a clothesline at Day of Outrage for Gaza, Santa Cruz California