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Palestine- Israel Action Group Mapcards

From Palestine-Israel Action Group (Ann Arbor Quakers)

The front of each of these Palestinian Loss-of-Land cards succinctly illustrates Israel's expansion and West Bank settlement policies since 1948.

Three options are available for the back of the cards:

Option 1: No Taxes for Occupation: Postcard tells President Obama and Congress how our tax dollars are harming Palestinians.






Option 2: No Taxes for Settlements: U.S. taxes help Israel build illegal settlements on Palestinian land.








Option 3: Stop the Land Grab: Illustrates how Israeli settlements splinter the West Bank. Read Sharon's plan!









Study Guide: Juan Cole's The Map: The Story of Palestinian Nationhood Thwarted.

To order Mapcards:

Order online here.

Click here to order by email from If Americans Knew.
Please specify which option(s) you'd like and how many you wish to receive.

Cost: $3 for each 50 cards. $6 for 100 cards. Add $5.05 postage for 100-200 cards or $11.30 postage for orders of 250-1000 cards.

On large orders we can print your group's contact info.

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