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FOSNA folks gather monthly to boycott SodaStream


After years of intense pressure, Sodastream has closed its factory in the West Bank. According to Omar Barghouti, this is a clear BDS victory and the fight against the company should continue because of their new factory location in the Negev desert.  

Clich here to see what the collective boycott of SodaStream accomplished!

SodaStream Boycott Highlights

Investor George Soros sells his stake in SodaStream, while SodaStream dramatically lowers its sales projections for year 2014  (August 2014)  

Billionaire investor George Soros has sold his entire stake in SodaStream, citing privately his intent to adopt guidelines similar to the EU to prevent investing in companies that sustain the occupation.  For more info, click here: Soros Fund drops shares in SodaStream   For info about SodaStream's downgrading of its sales projections for year 2014, click here:  Will sodastream stock continue to lose its sizzle?

Two stellar victories in the UK, as SodaStream’s flagship store in UK closes its doors, and department store chain John Lewis removes SodaStream from its shelves  (July 2014)

This stirring news provides fresh evidence of the power of boycott.  SodaStream's flagship store in the UK - the EcoStream store located in Brighton, England - has just ceased operations.  Also, one of the UK's largest department store chains - John Lewis, with outlets throughout the UK - has just announced it is removing SodaStream products from its shelves.  Read more about it here (click here):  BDS Bursts SodaStream's UK Bubble.


Two United Church of Christ conferences vote to boycott SodaStream  (June 2014)

Two regional conferences of the United Church of Christ – the Central Atlantic Conference and the New York Conference – have voted in favor of a resolution calling for divestment from companies profiting from the occupation and for boycott of SodaStream and other companies operating illegally in the West Bank.  Delegates from both conferences voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolutions.

SodaStream profit plummets  (May 2014)

Even Scarlett Johansson can’t salvage this one.  On May 14th, CEO Daniel Birnbaum announced that SodaStream’s profits for the past quarter have dropped nearly 90%.  According to Birnbaum, this precipitous fall was due in large measure to a “challenging holiday season" in the USA.  What a testament to the superb work of SodaStream Boycott activists in creating a “challenging” sales environment for Sodastream!

Earth Day drops SodaStream as a corporate sponsor  (April 2014)

The Earth Day organizing committee has DROPPED SodaStream as a corporate sponsor of Earth Day. Here's the background:  SodaStream company advertises that its products are good for the environment.  However, as a company participating in and profiting from the occupation of Palestine, SodaStream directly contributes to the obscene environmental destruction of Palestinian natural resources.  So when SodaStream signed on as a corporate sponsor of Earth Day, environmental activists wrote to the international committee that runs Earth Day.  They told Earth Day the truth about SodaStream's attempts to "greenwash" its reputation.  In April, we learned that Earth Day has DROPPED SodaStream as a sponsor.  Advertising for Earth Day no longer lists SodaStream as a sponsor.  Likewise, SodaStream has had to delete all references to Earth Day from its own advertising.  For more information, click here:  Earth Day drops SodaStream as a sponsor

United Methodist Church votes to boycott SodaStream  (March 2014)

The United Methodist General Board of Church & Society (GBCS) has issued a call to boycott SodaStream.  The decision to engage in the boycott of SodaStream was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Board’s Directors during its spring meeting in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  In calling for this boycott, the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society highlighted many of SodaStream’s ongoing legal and human rights violations.  For more information, click here: United Methodist Call to Boycott SodaStream

Another big win forthe SodaStream Boycott  (February 2014)

With the drumbeat of continued bad press about SodaStream's treatment of its Palestinian workers, SodaStream's CEO has finally raised the wages of SodaStream's Palestinian workers so they are on par with SodaStream's lowest paid Israeli workers.  This is another huge win for our SodaStream boycott efforts.  It shows that the message we're sending out really makes a positive impact.  Note:  In response to this positive development, we've removed from our leaflets the wording about unequal pay.  Naturally, everything else that is bad about the Israeli occupation and bad about SodaStream's role in the occupation remains unchanged, thus our boycott continues! 


Growing social pressure against the use of SodaStream products  (January 2014)

Several recent news articles have highlighted the growing social pressure against use of SodaStream products.  One such article appeared in a recent edition of New York Magazine (click here):   New York Magazine SodaStream article

Scarlett Johansson quits her Oxfam Global Ambassador role to shill for SodaStream  (January 2014)

SodaStream is very much in the news as Scarlett Johansson has quit as Oxfam's Global Ambassador in order to shill for SodaStream products which are manufactured in an illegal Israeli settlement. You can read more about Scarlett, Oxfam and SodaStream by clicking here:  Mondoweiss Scarlett Johanssen article

Boycott groups from 50 cities join in SodaStream Boycott “Days of Action”  (Fall 2013)

The SodaStream Boycott "Days of Action" events in November/December at Target Galleria and Macys were immensely successful.  The Portland SodaStream Boycott team joined boycott groups in 50 other cities (on three continents) to educate the public about SodaStream's role in the military occupation of Palestine.  See the powerful two-minute promotional video about the "Days of Action" (click here): SodaStream Boycott Days of Action   At the Portland "Days of Action" events, we informed thousands of shoppers and passers-by of SodaStream's role in the occupation. Many shoppers told us they would not purchase the products. Others said they'd tell their family and friends about it. As a direct result of our leafleting actions, we're helping to make it socially unacceptable to use SodaStream products.

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Send an email to to establish your own SodaStream boycott team, wherever you are. 

SodaStream, a product that seems harmless, is labeled “made in Israel,” when in fact it’s made in the industrial zone of a settlement called Ma’ale Adumin. The SodaClub factory manufactures SodaStream on land stolen from Palestinians. The SodaStream company contributes to the settlement enterprise. All Israeli settlements are a violation of international law and work against the U.S. stated policy of ending Israel’s occupation of Palestine. 

Segregation (apartheid) is violently imposed near all illegal settlements by the IDF (Israeli “Defense” Forces) and armed settlers. FOSNA and the Interfaith Boycott Coalition urges you not to purchase a SodaStream machine. That’s easy, since it’s a product that most of us don’t really need anyway (and if you do need such a machine, there are alternatives).

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