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Canaan Fair Trade

FOSNA is partnering with Canaan Fair Trade to make high-quality fair trade Palestinian products available throughout North America. This program supports Palestinian farmers and will also benefit FOSNA, who receives 10% of sales made through this site.  It’s a win-win situation! 

Click here to purchase Fair Trade products direct from Palestine! Your purchase will arrive in about a week!

What is Canaan Fair Trade?

Founded in 2004 and based in Jenin, Palestine, Canaan Fair Trade sells olive oil and other delicacies produced by over 2,000 small farmers organized in informal cooperatives and represented by the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA)

Canaan Fair Trade creates opportunities for Palestinian farmers and communities, helps reestablish traditional sustainable farming in Palestine, and promotes cross-cultural, interfaith, and multi-ethnic connection of all participants in the process.

To learn more, please visit the U. S. Canaan Fair Trade website.  You can also download the CFT brochure listed at the bottom of this page.

CTF Interfaith Program

Canaan Fair Trade is pleased to announce its new Interfaith Program for faith communities who sell our Palestinian oil, other food products, and soap as fundraisers. Order now for seasonal fairs or ongoing faith community sales and gifting.

Groups who register to become CFT Interfaith Partners receive a 20% discount on their purchases to be used for their own fundraising activities.  In addition, they can name a Canaan Fair Trade National Partner who will receive a percentage on their sales at the end of the year from Canaan Fair Trade.  Your faith community purchase helps Palestinian farmers, helps your congregation fund projects, and can help support a national faith based organization as well! 

Please note that Friends of Sabeel--North America is a CFT National Partner.  We would appreciate being designated your Canaan Fair Trade National Partner when you register.

To register as an Interfaith Partner or to ask questions about the program, please contact:
Ann Hafften 
US Outreach Coordinator
Canaan Palestine

Tel: 360 907-4729

Download this colorful Canaan Fair-Trade flyer for more information.