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Mobile Apps


Buycott allows shoppers to scan barcodes of food products, such as a tub of hummus, to see if they were produced in Israel or have any links with companies that support the occupation. The scanning process takes just a few seconds and provides information about the company, such as its location and its website. Buycott also provides a list of companies in Palestine and Israel that support human rights! It's available for both Android and the iPhone.

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Facts on the Ground Map Project

Peace Now's "Facts on the Ground Project" is now available as an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app from iTunes. And it's free!

This map and database about settlement activity in the West Bank is constantly updated. Check out the Facts on the Group Map Project website for more   information.


The Palestine Crisis Map

Tracking news reports of human rights violations in Palestine and Israel since 2011, this Ushahidi deployment has mapped over 5,000 reports.  You can follow the map's daily updates using the Ushahidi mobile app, available for both iPhone iOS and Android


"Begin the trip. Drive carefully."

iNakba is a trilingual mobile app that allows users to locate the Palestinian localities destroyed in 1948 and to learn about them. The app is interactive: it allows user to add pictures of the destroyed localities, as well as to share comments and follow updates about selected localities.  Try it out!