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Faith in the Face of Empire: A Leadership Program in Palestine - Witness Trip April 2016

Conference Start Date: 
Monday, April 11, 2016 to Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hosted by: The Reverend Dr. Mitri Raheb Accompanied by: John Lindner & Bruce Rigdon

From Dr. Raheb,

Friends, I invite pastors, church leaders, religious journalists, and other professional people committed to the Holy Land struggle to participate in a leadership program based on my latest book “Faith in the Face Empire.”The aim of this program is to gain a deeper understanding of the current realities in Israel-Palestine today in the wake of the Gaza war as well as viewing the Holy Land through a new, biblical hermeneutical lens. This opportunity is open for people already interested in the region, who are committed to making a difference and investing in hope. Events of 2014-15 have included the failure of the American peace initiative, the Gaza War, the Israeli elections and the changing context of the Middle East as a region. All of these events combined are changing the atmosphere and impact questions of where do we go from here on the journey toward peace, human rights and building bridges of understanding. I believe my recent book provides a framework for considering many of the hard questions we now face. The Palestinian Christian community in the Kairos document sent out a cry to the Christian community abroad saying“Come and See.”This is an invitation to come and see the facts on the ground, to listen to diverse narratives, to be inspired by ministries of hope, and to consider future directions for advocacy and support in the wake of all that has happened this year. I hope you will join me for this program of faith and learning.

Cost (including airfair) $3,995.

For more information, contact: John Lindner tel: 860-349-2425 email: or Group Travel Directors 2000 West 98th Street Minneapolis, MN 55431-2593 tel: 952-881-7811 or 800-747-2255 fax: 952-881-6276 email: