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Clergy and Seminary Action Council

The FOSNA Clergy and Seminary Action Council is a group of Christian faith leaders who publicly advocate for FOSNA’s goals of promoting a just peace in Palestine and Israel. These church and seminary leaders resist theologies that support the Israeli occupation or other forms of racial or ethnic oppression. Council members offer solidarity to leaders of all faiths who face punishment or harassment for their stance on Palestine and Israel.



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As clergy leaders and seminary students and staff, we aim to strengthen the North American Christian voice for justice for Palestine. We do so by...


  • Opposing theologies that justify occupation and that privilege one nation over another based on ethnicity or religion

  • Taking a public stance in support of Palestine and a commitment to “costly solidarity,” by listing our names among Clergy and Seminary Action Council members on our website

  • Supplying solidarity alongside Sabeel Jerusalem as the daily work of liberation theology is applied by our partners and friends in Palestine and Israel

  • Choosing nonviolent actions, campaigns, and modes of witness appropriate to our context

  • Responding in solidarity when peacemakers of any faith in Palestine or the United States are harassed, punished, or even imprisoned because of their stance


Help us respond to the wrenching witness of Christian leaders in Palestine who say, Things are beyond urgent. We are on the verge of a catastrophic collapse…As a Palestinian Christian community, this could be our last opportunity to save the Christian presence in this land.”


Membership commitment:
Members of the council are members of FOSNA who commit to publicly uphold and advocate for FOSNA’s mission and positions. We hope members will take leadership in projects and campaigns of the council, but this is not a requirement of being on the council. Council members are not expected to agree with the specifics of every FOSNA position, tactic, and statement; in fact, we invite our members to bring thoughtful critique and engagement to other members as well as to the FOSNA staff and board, to further our political alignment and work.

Criteria for the work of the Clergy and Seminary Council:
Clergy and Seminary Action Council projects will be initiated and guided by the council and informed by the priorities, campaigns, and projects of FOSNA.

Get involved by filling out the form below! Immediately upon your registration with the council, we will send a short, optional survey on your justice focus with Palestine as well as other justice efforts facing our society. We need your involvement, and we thank you for your ministries of justice and faith.