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A Black Church Call to End Israeli Apartheid



The moral and political crisis that is the Israeli occupation of Palestine is becoming bloodier and more brutal by the day. Since the beginning of the Great March of Return in March 2018,  the Israeli defense forces have killed over 310 Palestinians who are protesting the blockade of the Gaza Strip and demanding their right to return to the land from which they were displaced at the founding of Israel. This period has marked the deadliest days since the 2014 bombing of Gaza.

The violence of the ongoing Nakba and subsequent Israeli occupation have not let up. Palestinians daily resist extrajudicial executions, mass imprisonment, land confiscations, house demolitions, restrictions of movement, lack of access to water, and the fallacious notion that their lives are less valuable than others. This could not happen without the support of the United States government, which funds Israel to the tune of over $10 million a day all while subjecting black, brown, and poor communities to run-down housing, lack of quality health care, a school-to-prison pipeline, and the highest rate of inequality of any developed nation. 

The best of the Black Church emerges from a legacy of fighting oppression and speaking truth to power. This prophetic tradition calls us as Black Christians to support the rights, security, and basic human dignity of Palestinian communities. Scripture tells us to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” Today this means joining the movement for justice in Palestine, a struggle so intimately connected to the Black experience in the United States. 

Black people around the world have built solidarity with the Palestinian people. As Robin Kelley insists, this solidarity is not based on a common experience of oppression, but from a collective commitment to building a world free from oppression. We have seen Black leaders—Angela Davis, Marc Lamont Hill, Michelle Alexander, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and others—come under attack for speaking up for Palestine. But Black freedom fighters throughout history have reminded us that it is not hate, but a love for justice, that animates Black resistance. 

The time is now for Black churches, clergy, faith leaders, and laypeople to cast aside the politics of Christian Zionism and link arms with our Palestinian neighbors and their allies in the global movement for freedom and justice. As followers of a sun-baked Palestinian Jew who the Roman empire hung on a tree for challenging oppression, it is our spiritual obligation to fight for “the least of these.” This is not merely a matter of politics. It is what many of us learn in Sunday school: that all of God’s children are precious. 

We can no longer be silent amid one of the most pressing moral issues of our time. Silence in the face of injustice is sin.

Let’s get free,

We invite Black Clergy, Black Christians, as well as members of the Black community and anyone who supports this statement to sign on.

Black Clergy and Activist Endorsers

  1. Ajamu Amiri Dillahunt         
  2. Anthony Bennett, Pastor, Mount Aery Baptist Church
  3. Anthony Moore, Senior Pastor, Carolina Missionary Baptist Church
  4. Arthur Cribbs, Senior Pastor, Los Angeles Filipino American United Church of Christ
  5. Ash-Lee Henderson   
  6. Bani Hines-Hudson   
  7. Bettie Durrah, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  8. Beverly Wallace, Pastor and Associate Professor at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN; Religious Society of Friends; The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  9. Carolyn Barrani         
  10. Chad Collins, Pastor, Valley View Presbyterian USA
  11. Christopher Zacharias, John Wesley A.M.E Zion Church
  12. Dr. Cornel West         
  13. Derrick Rice, Pastor Sankofa United Church of Christ
  14. Dr. Angela Davis       
  15. Dr. Barbara Ransby   
  16. Dr. Herbert R Davis, Senior Pastor, Nehemiah Church COGIC
  17. Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley           
  18. Edward Freeman        
  19. Eric Thomas, Pastor Siloam Presbyterian Church
  20. Francine Brookins, Pastor, Bethel AME church of Fontana, CA
  21. Gabriel Bryant
  22. Gloria Brown, Christ Woodland United Methodist Church
  23. Ike Carlstèn    
  24. Kalif Crutcher, Pastor, New Hope Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
  25. Karlene Griffiths Sekou, Community Minister First Church in Cambridge, UCC
  26. Kenyatta Bush
  27. Kyle Chears, Minister, Just1 Ministries
  28. Leea Allen, Minister, Virginia-Highland UCC
  29. Madison Shockley II, Pastor, Pilgrim United Church Of Christ
  30. Martha Banks
  31. Matthew Vega
  32. Paul Amara, Pastor, Albright-Bethune United Methodist Church
  33. Paula Roderick, Ruling Elder, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  34. Rev. Bryson White    
  35. Rev. Candace Simpson, Methodist Church
  36. Rev. Cecil Prescod, Ainsworth United Church of Christ
  37. Rev. Chaka Holley, Lincoln Memorial Congregational UCC
  38. Rev. Denise Anderson, Former Moderator of Presbyterian Church-USA   
  39. Rev. Dr. (Ph.D.) Kenyatta Gilbert Baptist
  40. Rev. Dr. Essie Clark George, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
  41. Rev. Dr. Leslie Callahan, St. Paul's Baptist Church
  42. Rev. Dr. Neichelle Guidry     
  43. Rev. Erica Williams, Greenleaf Christian Church; The Poor People's Campaign
  44. Rev. Evan Bunch, Christian Church Disciples of Christ
  45. Rev. Freddy Haynes III         
  46. Rev. Graylan Hagler, Senior Minister, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, Washington, D.C.
  47. Rev. Jeremy L. Williams, Lead Pastor, Phillips Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church
  48. Rev. Lisa Yebuah,      United Methodist Church
  49. Rev. Livingstone Jacob, Baptist Church Durban, South Africa
  50. Rev. Michael McBride, The Way Christian Center
  51. Rev. Nyle Fort, Black4Palestine
  52. Rev. Otis Moss, III, Trinity United Church of Christ
  53. Rev. Paul Abernathy, Pastor, St. Moses the Black Orthodox Church
  54. Rev. Robert Hoggard 
  55. Rev. Stephanie Yancy, Rector, St. Titus' Episcopal Church
  56. Rev. Taurean J. Webb
  57. Rev. Traci Blackmon, Associate General Minister of Justice and Local Church Ministries for the United Church of Christ
  58. Rev. Willie Dwayne Francois III, Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church of Pleasantville; The Black Church Center for Justice and Equality
  59. Reverend Dr. Lerone J. Wilder, Presbyterian Church USA
  60. Sister Aisha al-Adawiya        
  61. Spencer Nabors          
  62. Tiauna Webb, Second Baptist Church, Evanston IL; Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
  63. Tj Williams Hauger, American Baptist and United Church of Christ
  64. Tracey Rogers
  65. Trayce Peterson, Religious Society of Friends
  66. Wesley Morris, Pastor, Faith Community Church

Organizational Endorsers

  1. Adalah Justice Project
  2. African Methodist Episcopal Church
  3. American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)
  4. Baptist Church - Durban, South Africa
  5. Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries
  6. Black for Palestine (B4P)
  7. Carolina Missionary Baptist Church
  8. Christ Liberation Ministries Los Angeles, CA
  9. Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
  10. Church Women United in New York State
  11. Dignity and Power Now
  12. Dream Defenders
  13. East Timor Religious Outreach
  14. Elkins Ministers Association
  15. Elkins Ministers Association
  16. Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network
  17. Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA)
  18. GeoSphere
  19. Good Shepherd Collective
  20. Indiana Kentucky Conference Palestine Israel Network member
  21. Jemez Peacemakers
  22. Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)
  23. Jewish Voice for Peace, Central Ohio
  24. Jewish Voice for Peace, Tacoma, WA
  25. Jews For Palestinian Right of Return
  26. John Wesley A.M.E Zion Church
  27. Just1 Ministries
  28. Kairos USA
  29. Kickapoo Peace Circle
  30. Labor for Palestine
  31. Lincoln Memorial Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC)
  32. Los Angeles Filipino American United Church of Christ (UCC)
  33. Middle East Peace Builders
  34. Mount Aery Baptist Church
  35. National Congress on Faith and Justice
  36. A New Day Mental Wellness Center
  37. NH Veterans for Peace
  38. Norcal Cosies
  39. NorCal Sabeel
  40. Palestinian Rights Committee Albany, New York
  41. Pilgrim United Church of Christ
  42. Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, WASHINGTON, DC
  43. Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
  44. Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
  45. Sankofa United Church of Christ
  46. Siloam Presbyterian Church
  47. SOMA for Palestine
  48. St. Brigid of Kildare Episcopal Church
  49. Steilacoom Historical School District
  50. The Black Church Center for Justice and Equality
  51. The Preaching Project
  52. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) of Southern California
  53. Trinity United Church of Christ
  54. Truth on the Loose
  55. Unitarian Church
  56. United Methodists' Holy Land Task Force
  57. Upper New York UM Task Force on Peace with Jutice on Palestine/Israel
  58. US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR)
  59. Valley View Presbyterian USA Church
  60. Xun Biosphere Project

General Supporters

  1. A Daas
  2. Adam Levine
  3. Adrian Devlin
  4. Aida Friedenreich
  5. Al Ali
  6. Alan Brown Americans for Peace Now; Congregation Habonim
  7. Alex Awad United Methodist (retired missionary)
  8. Ali Azam Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier
  9. Alia Issa
  10. Allan Christensen
  11. Allison Edwards Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church
  12. Amy Henry
  13. Ana Andrade
  14. Andrea Whitmore co-chair with Andrea Whitmore of UMKR's Steering Committee
  15. Andrew Reilly Unitarian Church Ashland, OR
  16. Ann Coburn Priest (retired), Diocese of Massachusetts, Episcopal Church
  17. Annamay Waldman
  18. Anne Bowers
  19. Anne Else New Life Presbyterian Church, Omaha, NE
  20. Anne Joh United Methodist
  21. Anne Veraldi
  22. Annick Richardson
  23. Armon Ketchum
  24. Arthur Connor
  25. Ayman Idrees
  26. B Dudney, M.D. Christian Community
  27. Barbara Huggins
  28. Barbara Snell First United Methodist Church, Gallatin, TN
  29. Barbara Sussman
  30. Barbara Walker Episcopalian
  31. Barbara Wilhelm Antioch Church Brighton, MA USA
  32. Barry Bryant United Methodist
  33. Barry Wright, PhD Los Gatos St. Luke's Episcopal Church
  34. Benoit Marceau
  35. Bernard Hochendoner
  36. Betty Winholtz
  37. Bill Holt
  38. Bob Jones United States The Episcopal Bishop of Wyoming
  39. Bob Layton
  40. Bob Zeigler Catholic Native American Kateri Circle
  41. Bonnie Lynn MacKinnon
  42. Brek Renzelman Jewish Voice for Peace
  43. Brenda Denno
  44. Brent Rocks
  45. Brian Gagnon
  46. Brian Waak
  47. Brigitte Köhler
  48. Britta Olinder Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden
  49. Bruce Shilling Plymouth Congragational Church UCC
  50. Byron Rempel-Burkholder Mennonite Church Canada
  51. Cara Kulwicki
  52. Carl Meyer
  53. Carol Devoss UCC
  54. Carolyn Karcher Jewish Voice for Peace
  55. Carolyn Kerr
  56. Carrie Shea Norcal Cosies
  57. Caryl Mussig United Methodist
  58. Cassandra Fraley Presbyterian
  59. Catherine Strout
  60. Cathy Wootan United Church of Christ
  61. Cecily Schroepfer Sister of St. Francis
  62. Celeste Kearney Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
  63. Charles Calhoun
  64. Charles Happel Priest (retired), New Apostolic Church of North America
  65. Ched Myers Codirector, Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries; Mennonite
  66. Christine Amos Catholic
  67. Claudia Leung
  68. Clifford Johnston , Rector, Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Hawk Run, PA; The Episcopal Church
  69. Clifford Lindeman Disciples of Christ Pastor
  70. Colin Royle
  71. Craig Clark , MDiv; The Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church of Ft. Lee NJ
  72. Curtis Baker St. Peter's UMC, Ocean City, NJ, USA
  73. Damon Laaker Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church/St. Luke's Lutheran Church, ELCA
  74. Dan Hubbard
  75. Dana Bartelt
  76. Daniel Cole Quaker
  77. Daniela Rossi Ms.
  78. Dante O'Hara
  79. Dany Baert
  80. Dany Lindenbacher -
  81. Darrel Meyers Pastor, retired; still Chair of Synod Justice and Peace work group; Presbyterian Church- Synod of Southern California; Hawaii - Justice and Peace
  82. David Benedict Retired Pastor; Episcopal-United Methodist
  83. David Febo - Serrano Methodist Church of Puerto Rico
  84. David Letwin Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
  85. David Morrison
  86. David Riley
  87. David Warner
  88. Dawn Albanese
  89. Debbie Kennedy
  90. Dee Poujade United Methodist Church
  91. Den Mark Wichar Episcopalian
  92. Derek Bird Yorkshire Friends of Sabeel-Kairos
  93. Devon Jerome Crawford Minister; Myrtle Baptist Church; Progressive Natl. Baptist Convention
  94. Diana Saxon
  95. Diane Ake
  96. Dmitry Landa NYLAG
  97. Don McKelvey
  98. Don Thompson
  99. Don Wagner Friends of Sabeel North America
  100. Donna DeCamp Retired UMC Clergy
  101. Donna Hebb Unitarian Universalist
  102. Donna Hicks Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network
  103. Dorothy Lynn Brooks Episcopal
  104. Dorsey Blake , Presiding Minister, The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples
  105. Douglas Sedon
  106. Dr Susan Caswell Shingon Buddhist Temple
  107. Dr. Malgorzata Schmidt
  108. Dr. Mha Atma S Khalsa
  109. Ed Robertson Ed Robertson Productions
  110. Ed Wujciak
  111. Eduardo Diconca
  112. Edward D Lewis Episcopalian
  113. Edwin Sterner Elder, University Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA
  114. Eileen Prefontaine
  115. Eilene Janke
  116. Eithne Davis
  117. Elana Levinson
  118. Eldon Grossman
  119. Eleanor Kinnaird Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church Chapel Hill - Sister Parish to St. Paul AME Chapel Hill
  120. Elisabeth Simpson Retired Minister; Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
  121. Elizabeth Seltzer
  122. Elizabeth Smith Linwood United Church; Presbyterian
  123. Ellen Franzen
  124. Eloise Cranke First United Methodist Church, Des Moines, Iowa
  125. Emily Brewer Executive Director, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, PCUSA
  126. Emma Brown United Methodist
  127. Eric Crouch Des Moines Mennonite Church
  128. Eric Meyer
  129. Erik LaRue CTK Skagit
  130. Erika Hussein Deutschland
  131. Ernst Mecke .
  132. Eugene Marner
  133. Faith Holsaert
  134. Farrell Brody Unitarian Universalist; Jewish Voice for Peace, Central Ohio
  135. Faye Bennett Central ELCA Lutheran
  136. Felicity Figueroa Irvine United Congregational Church
  137. Feng Chsang Chan Teacher
  138. Forrest Hopping
  139. Frances Blair Episcopalian; Steilacoom Historical School District
  140. Francisco J. Velez
  141. Frank Blankenship Bacharach
  142. Fuad Halaby
  143. Gary Dowling
  144. Gene Polito
  145. George Reichel New Testament Christian Church
  146. Gerald Shea Jr.
  147. Gerard Ridella
  148. Gerry Henkel
  149. Gisela Streit
  150. Glen Anderson Christian Pacificist
  151. Glen Kappy Albuquerque Mennonite Church
  152. Gordon Gosse St. Thomas' Anglican Church; United Church of Canada; The Doubting Thomases- Truth Warriors
  153. Gordon Reed
  154. Gulshan Oomerjee
  155. Hanan Ayesh
  156. Harold Sabbagh Orthodox Christian
  157. Harold Watson
  158. Hazem Nashif GeoSphere
  159. Henry Landau
  160. Honorable Tiffany Snyder Mayor of Ward, Colorado (Ret.)
  161. Howard Emerson Eastern Orthodox Christian
  162. Howard Wideman Elder; Waters Mennonite
  163. Issa Tawil
  164. Jamal Elkhatib
  165. James Deshotels Priest of the Society of Jesus
  166. James Dow
  167. James Hill Jr 2nd Baptist Church of Evanston
  168. James Michael "Mike" Henderson
  169. James stasheff Roman Catholic
  170. Jamil Nasir
  171. Jan Johnson Harrison UMC
  172. Janet Cavallo
  173. Janet Simmon UCC
  174. Janine Vinton
  175. Jason Bowman
  176. Jean Wiant Unitarian Universalist
  177. Jeff LeBlanc
  178. Jennifer Grosvenor Lutheran (ELCA) and Catholic congregation, Spirit of Grace in Beaverton, Oregon; Holy Land Ministry
  179. Jenny Kastner
  180. Jeremiah Jasper, Pastor Woodford Memorial UMC; Elkins Ministers Association
  181. Jerome McCorry Bishop, National Congress On Faith and Justice
  182. Jerry Costley Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  183. Jim Harb
  184. Jim Head
  185. Jl Angell Presbyterian
  186. Joan Bowers American Baptist - Seattle First Baptist Church, Seattle, WA
  187. Joan Deming United Methodist Church; Ordained elder (retired), Wisconsin Conference UMC
  188. Joan Platt
  189. Joanie Tanous
  190. Joann Koch Catholic, AFSCME
  191. Joanne Demchok Christian orthodox
  192. Joanne Hardy Brunswick United Methodist Church, Brunswick, Maine
  193. Joanne Savio
  194. Joel Carlson
  195. John Berg Community and Middle East Peace Builders; Trinity Lutheran (ELCA) Lynnwood, WA
  196. John Chamberlin National Coordinator of East Timor Religious Outreach, retired pastor; United Methodist/Presbyterian
  197. John Cooper
  198. John Dorman
  199. John Erickson NorCal Sabeel
  200. John Estes
  201. John Hogan
  202. John Markham
  203. John Mcalpine
  204. John McLees Episcopalian
  205. John McSwigan Spirit of Grace
  206. John Schmittauer
  207. John Wienert Religious Society of Friends
  208. Johnnie Monroe Presbyterian Pastor , Retired
  209. Jon Anderholm, Chua Ba Da; Budhist; Xun Biosphere Project
  210. Jonathan Boyne
  211. Jonathan Eoloff
  212. Jordan Brown Episcopalian; Georgetown University Commonplace Ministry
  213. Joseph Blum
  214. Judith Ackerman
  215. Judith Mackenzie UCC
  216. Judy Ann Alberti OPEU and AFT/Retired
  217. Judy Newman UCC
  218. Justine McCabe, PhD
  219. Kahlil Goodwyn
  220. Karen Deora
  221. Karen Peterson Upper New York UM Task Force on Peace with Jutice on Palestine/Israel
  222. Karen Spradlin
  223. Karl Koessel
  224. Kate Goetz
  225. Katharine Jones Lutheran
  226. Katherine Collman Northfield United Methodists Church
  227. Kathleen Christison St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Santa Fe, NM
  228. Kathleen Mireault
  229. Kathryn Runyan Quaker
  230. Kathy Shores
  231. Kees Thieme, Protestant Diaconal Centre, St.Paul's Church of Rotterdam
  232. Ken Malcolm
  233. Ken Ross Unitarian
  234. Kenan Keskin
  235. Kenneth C. Grosso
  236. Kitty Slattery
  237. Kolin Thumbadoo
  238. Kristina Färdeman, Pastor The Uniting Church in Sweden
  239. Larry Cooper First UU of Congregation of Ann Arbor
  240. Laura Hanks Community for Mindful Living
  241. Laura Kramer
  242. Lauren Davis Minister, Second Baptist Church
  243. Laurie Toner
  244. Lawrence Hager Unitarian Universalist Chiurch
  245. Lazaro Mohamed
  246. Leonard Tremmel
  247. Leslie Brown
  248. Leslie Lomas
  249. Leuise Crumble
  250. Linda Kateeb
  251. Linda Kerr United Church of Christ; Indiana Kentucky Conference Palestine Israel Network
  252. Lindsey Colvin-Fox
  253. Lisa Rofel Kehilla Synagogue
  254. Lorin Peters Catechist, St Leanders Catholic Church, San Leandro, CA
  255. Luke Metzger
  256. Lynn Travis United Methodist
  257. Lynne Rigg, Retired Lutheran Pastor ELCA, Red Wing, MN
  258. M. Theresa Basile, United Methodists' Holy Land Task Force
  259. Mahmoud Ali
  260. Majed Faruki
  261. Malcolm Moore Sorry, no sale
  262. Marc Azar
  263. Marcia Dunigan Langley United Methodist Church
  264. Marcia Halligan Kickapoo Peace Circle
  265. Margo Groves All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, CA
  266. Marion munk Jewish
  267. Marion Tidwell United Methodist
  268. Mark Aziz
  269. Mark Blandford
  270. Mark Flynn Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Oak Ridge
  271. Mark Matthews
  272. Mark Warren
  273. Martha Arreguin
  274. Martin Bove
  275. Marvin Wingfield Catholic
  276. Marwan Freij
  277. Mary Ames
  278. Mary Ferraro
  279. Mary Johnson Roman Catholic
  280. Mary McMahon Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart; Holy Redeemer Chapel
  281. Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss Spirit of Grace
  282. Mary Scarth Canterbury
  283. Mary Smith Church Women United in New York State; Roman Catholic
  284. Mary Stewart, ELCA
  285. Mary Wade Episcopal
  286. MaryLouise Patterson Riverside Church
  287. Max Harrison Williams
  288. Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
  289. Melanie Sprenk St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Wilkinsburg, PA
  290. Melissa Hathaway
  291. Melissa Meyer
  292. Michael Ballin Anglican
  293. Michael Eisenberg
  294. Michael Garitty
  295. Michael Lawler
  296. Michael Letwin Labor for Palestine
  297. Michael Motta Nature, Pantheist
  298. Michael Tamarack
  299. Michael Tomczyszyn
  300. Michael Zeller Lutheran
  301. Michel Beuchat
  302. Michel Habib Professor , University of Zurich; Eglise de la Colombiere, Nyon
  303. Miguel Raldiris
  304. Mike Duffy
  305. Mohamad Issa
  306. Mohammad Amir Askari
  307. Mohan Rao Hindu, India
  308. Monica McKeown Gallicho St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Walnut Creek, CA
  309. Nadya Ali
  310. Najwa Alsadi Islamic Center of Passaic County
  311. Nancy Balassi Unitarian-Universalism
  312. Nancy Farrell Jewish Voice for Peace, Tacoma, WA
  313. Nancy Harber Presbyterian Church PC(USA)
  314. Natalie Van Leekwijck
  315. Ned Rosch Jewish Community
  316. Neville D'Souza Catholic
  317. Nick Scarim
  318. Nicole Fountain
  319. Omer Chaudhary
  320. Orphee Stephan
  321. Pablo Bobe
  322. Paige Harrison
  323. Pamela Bond
  324. Pat Bognar
  325. Pat Copenhaver
  326. Pat Kelly
  327. Pat Lord
  328. Patricia Blair
  329. Patricia Hartnett St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Santa Rosa, CA
  330. Paul Ghenoiu
  331. Paul Helbling Society of Friends (Quakers)
  332. Peggy and Rick Abbott
  333. Peggy Gish Church of the Brethren
  334. Pela Tomasello
  335. Peter Giannasi
  336. Peter Lee
  337. peter yackel
  338. Philip Heft Kent, WA United Methodidt Church
  339. Philip McHarris
  340. Philip Meek
  341. Pirooz Daneshmandi
  342. Polly Milner
  343. Rachel Lowther
  344. Rak Bibi Mosque
  345. Ramzi Abdulrahman
  346. Randa Helfer
  347. Rashad Moore Pastor, First Baptist Church of Crown Heights
  348. Ray Wager
  349. Regina Brooks
  350. Reginald Stocking
  351. Rev John Long retired Minister, Pastoral Asssociate, First Presbytrian Church, Buffalo, NY
  352. Rev. Allison Tanner Minister of Christian Formation; Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, American Baptist Churches, USA
  353. Rev. Andrew Henderson , Pastoral Counselor, Deep Water Care and Counseling
  354. Rev. Billy Michael Honor Truth on the Loose
  355. Rev. Canon Richard Toll Episcopal, Friends of Sabeel North America
  356. Rev. Carroll Arkema Presbyterian
  357. Rev. Catherine Alder Ainsworth United Church of Christ
  358. Rev. Dr. Linda Eastwood Affiliate Faculty at McCormick Theological Seminary; Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  359. Rev. Dr. Makungu Akinyela African Methodist Episcopal Church
  360. Rev. Dr. Raymond Williamson , President, New South Wales Ecumenical Council; Anglican Church of Australia
  361. Rev. Dr. Susan Smith
  362. Rev. Dr. Susan W
  363. Rev. Dr. Walt and Libby Davis Professor Emeritus, SFTS; Presbyterian U.S.A.
  364. Rev. Elizabeth Morris Downie Episcopal Church
  365. Rev. Ernest Cockrell The Reverend Ernest Cockrell, retired rector of Saint Andrew's Church, Saratoga; Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Los Gatos, CA
  366. Rev. Glen Thamert Lutheran - ELCA; Jemez Peacemakers
  367. Rev. Jamie D. Hawley Senior Pastor, Lincoln Memorial Congregational United Church of Christ
  368. Rev. John Gallagher Episcopal
  369. Rev. Lucretia Jevne St. Brigid of KIldare Episcopal Church
  370. Rev. Michael Hart United Methodist Ordained Elder
  371. Rev. Rich Peacock United Methodist
  372. Rev. Robert Smith, PhD ELCA
  373. Rev. Rochelle Michael Trinity United Church of Christ
  374. Rev. William B. Lane Retired Cathedral Dean; Episcopal Church
  375. Rev. William L Bigelow United Presbyterian USA
  376. Rhoda David Lutheran Christmas Church Bethlehem
  377. Richard Jackson
  378. Richard Sinnott
  379. Rita L Smith United Methodist
  380. Rita Meuer
  381. Rob Retired Pastor, Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church
  382. Robert Brown United Church in University Place; United Methodist Church; United Church of Christ.
  383. Robert Clark
  384. Robert Nicole
  385. Robert Smith , Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  386. Robert Spottswood Quaker
  387. Robert Stoddard
  388. Robert Weaver North Decatur Presbyterian
  389. Robert Wershoven Catholic
  390. Robin Dumler Ms.
  391. Robin Durston Westminster Presbyterian Church
  392. Robin Swanson
  393. Robin Vantassell
  394. Rochelle Watson, Friends of Sabeel North America
  395. Ronald Fujiyoshi, Retired Missionary, United Church of Christ
  396. Ronald Zera
  397. Rondi Saslow Buddhist
  398. Roseanna Szilak
  399. Russ Pataky
  400. Russell Novkov American Baptist
  401. Russell Ziegler
  402. Ruth Kay Souder
  403. Ruth Valdez
  404. Saadia Behar, Tzedek Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
  405. Sally Mcmullen
  406. Sam Todd
  407. Samer Khoury
  408. Samir Hejab Muslim
  409. Samira Turk
  410. Samuel Morningstar
  411. Sandra Siegner
  412. Sara Lerner
  413. Savannah Hawkins
  414. Scott Flood
  415. Shanaz Fancy
  416. Sharon Baker Anabaptist
  417. Shau Sumar
  418. Sherri Long UCC
  419. Sherrill Futrell Davis (CA) United Methodist Church
  420. Shirlene Harris
  421. Sister Hazel Campayne Roman Catholic
  422. Sister Veronica Schweyen Catholic
  423. Skip Schiel Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Quaker)
  424. Stan Squires
  425. Stephen S. Farha, St. Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church of the Diocese of Wichita of the Archdiocese of New York and all North America
  426. Steve France Episcopalian
  427. Steve Uyenishi
  428. Steven Berge
  429. Stuart Ward Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Thailand
  430. Sucy Varughese Episcopal
  431. Sue Jackson
  432. Suhail Shafi, M.D.
  433. Susan Davenport , Stonebridge Community Church
  434. Susan Eaton , St. Mark Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, CA
  435. Susan Elias , ELCA
  436. Susan Kepner United Methodist
  437. Susan Stout
  438. Suzanne DeerlyJohnson
  439. T Hamboyan Harrison
  440. T LaRue
  441. Taiser Naseredden Muslim
  442. Taylor Smith
  443. Ted Buckner , Pullen Memorial Baptist Church
  444. Terry Brough , Roman Catholic
  445. Theodore Voth
  446. Thomas Rice
  447. Thomas Russell , St. John's Norwood Parish Episcopal Church, Bethesda, MD; United Methodist Church
  448. Tia Pearson
  449. Tiana Brachel
  450. Todd Boerger
  451. Tom Wheys
  452. Ursula Mathern
  453. Valyn Metropoulos, Pastor, ELCA Lutheran
  454. Vic Neufeld, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada
  455. Vicki Tamoush
  456. Vicky Matsui Roman Catholic
  457. Victoria Rue Roman Catholic
  458. Victoria Sahouri-Azer
  459. Vivian Zelaya Roman Catholic
  460. Waleed Ata
  461. Walter Ceglowski Unitarian
  462. Wanda Ballentine
  463. Wendy Turner
  464. Willard Mittelman Unitarian Universalist
  465. William Aldrich United Methodist Church
  466. William Cass
  467. William H. Lamar IV, Pastor, Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church
  468. William Roth
  469. William Spadel Catholic
  470. William Thomas, NH Veterans for Peace; NH Palestine Education Network
  471. William Welkowitz
  472. William Williams
  473. Wojtek Piekarniak
  474. Yehia Mishriki
  475. Yoav Alpizar
  476. Zoe Goorman, Jewish Voice for Peace
  477. Zuhair Al-Atwi, Palestian Rights Committee Albany, New York

Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) and Black4Palestine (B4P) have partnered to initiate a Black church outreach project that seeks to raise awareness in Black congregations about Palestinian freedom and justice. Read more about the Journeys Toward Justice curriculum here. We invite Black Clergy, Black Christians, as well as members of the Black community and anyone who supports this statement to sign on in support of a Black church call to end Israeli apartheid and to uplift Palestinian demands for justice.