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News analysis of politics, cinema, modern culture and the ambiguity of human existence addressed from a religious perspective.
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The Word That Says It All

November 4, 2019 - 1:02pm

by James M. Wall

I took a three-month break from blogging. When I reported back to duty, I found the word that says it all.

It is “puerile”, which is fully explained on Word Genius, which you may access by clicking here.

We have an abundance of evidence of puerile’s suitability to sum up President Donald Trump, who faces congressional Impeachment and removal from office.

The evidence piles up daily, starting each dawn with a twitter storm of insults, falsehoods, and cries of self-pity.

Surrounded by headlines that stir anticipation of only the fourth presidential impeachment in American history, we must plow ahead to defend “puerile” as the appropriate word for what led to this moment.

If you have failed to read the link above here it is in part:

Puerile PYUHR-ill Part of speech: adjective
Origin: Latin, mid-17th century 1 Showing immaturity; silly or juvenile2 Relating to or characteristic of a child Examples of Puerile in a sentence 
“The puerile pranks earned the boys a few weeks detention on top of the punishment their parents gave them.”

 “The older sister was irritated at being forced to wear a puerile outfit to match her sibling in the family photo.” 

Think of it this way: If a child in your care behaved in an egregious puerile manner would you allow him or her to retain the freedom to continue such behavior?

You would terminate that freedom immediately, if that child had an AK-14, fully-loaded, and a twitter account that spewed lies and hatred to an audience in the millions.

This is no time for “grounded”, or censure. It is time to terminate that freedom for the sake of democracy/

On the morning I found “puerile”, The Chicago Tribune announced the dismissal of McDonald’s CEO for having an intimate relationship with one of his employees. His action violated company rules.

Corporations have rules enforced by governing boards. Our country is a nation of laws. We have an impeachment clause enforced by the people through their elected representatives. Let us keep it that way.