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Visit the Oakland-Palestine Solidarity Mural!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Art as Community Outreach

By Nadya Tannous

"I am thrilled to announce the completion of the Oakland-Palestine Solidarity Mural! The mural depicts 9 trees by 12 artists that form a grove of solidarity. Art has the innate ability to build nexuses between participating artists and/or communities: the power of art to transcend language and location is exactly why it offers such a fertile medium to articulate to the Palestinian struggle for self-determination in communities like Oakland, California. 

"Through our partnership in the creation of this mural, FOSNA is actively contributing to the empowerment of the Oakland community, while starting conversations about Palestine. As an Oaklander, a Palestinian-American woman, and a member of FOSNA, I am so proud of this finished art piece, which will serve as an enduring organizing platform." -Nadya Tannous of FOSNA

Click here to see more images of the mural.

Art as a Gateway to Discourse

By Artist Sara Friedlander

"Because a work of art can speak directly to the heart, it can serve as an invitation, a catalyst for meaningful and productive communication. The visual artist can create a safe space to contemplate a conflict or a dilemma and that can stimulate the thought -provoking dialogue necessary for healing, for acknowledging memories, grief, empathy and hope. Only when we can understand each other and our shared humanity, can the peace movement foster new ideas, new connections and move the world forward." -Sara Friedlander

Click here to see each "stone" in Sara's installation, Stonewalled in Jerusalem. 


Social media is full of artistic expression about Gaza, which has facilitated stronger community outreach in the US: